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This adorable little boy may be the next Bruce Lee

This adorable little boy may be the next Bruce Lee

When Bruce Ryu saw his five-year-old son performing the signature moves of the material arts master Bruce Lee, he knew that he had to share the moment with the world.

Ryu loaded a short sequence of his son’s martial arts mastery to YouTube in May 2015. As you might expect, the clip went viral and netted more than 8 million views in short order.

The video is absolutely adorable. Ryu’s son effortlessly wields nunchaku, punches, and kicks while wearing a yellow jump suit and performing the dialog spoken by the founding master of Jeet Kune Do in the iconic martial arts movie “Game of Death.”

It can take years to master martial arts techniques and develop strong acting talents and stage presence. This little guy has an amazing head start. We wonder how long it will be fore we see him featured in a music video or a blockbuster action movie.


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