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Why baby moose love sprinklers more than anything else

Why baby moose love sprinklers more than anything else

If you’ve been clicking your way through the Internet for any length of time you have likely seen videos of baby animals doing ever-so-adorable human-like activities. Whether it is a baby animal learning to swim or playing in a sprinkler, we just can’t seem to help ourselves but be drawn in.

In June 2008, YouTuber “arcticsooner” posted the video “Twin baby moose in sprinkler.” The video went on to be viewed more than 5.5 million times. We consider this proof that humans are totally in love with watching baby animals at play! Though it’s just one example out of many videos that document happy moose frolicking through lawn sprinklers.

So why do Moose love sprinklers so much? Well, aside from being the largest members of the deer family, moose are actually best suited to colder climates. They are able to easily navigate snow up to depths of 36 inches and can withstand extremely cold temperatures. According to New Hampshire Fish and Game’s monthly Wildlife Report, calves don’t even begin to feel the cold until temperatures reach -22 degrees F! They’re so well insulated that they will actually begin to pant when the temperature rises above 23 degrees F. Yeah, we gotta watch out for those 23 degree heat waves.

Warmer temperatures can cause a moose to suffer from heat exhaustion. So, when summer weather arrives, moose tend to seek shady spaces to rest or they will “chill” in ponds and streams. Hence, when a moose encounters a lawn sprinkler, a source of wonderfully cool refreshment, they are ready to settle in for a while. And humans will always be ready to record the fun that ensues.

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