What kind of short film can you make in seven days?

Photograph of Luke Kondor.

Luke Kondor decided to set himself a unique creative challenge: create a short film with no money, no ideas, and no camera. Oh, and do it in seven days.

What he produced is a clever narrative-driven scenario of one average worker’s descent into an interactive desktop, unexplained events, and an overly helpful virtual assistant. The story unfolds through a lovely montage of kinetic and glitchy motion graphics.

Luke’s “Keith – A Short Film” demonstrates that good storytelling can be accomplished without an abundance of complexity AND without a ton of equipment, locations, assistants, and actors. Nicely done Luke!

In addition, Luke playfully announced that he has already received an award for this work. “Keith – A Short Film” is the winner of the “Luke Kondor Award for Being a Film Made by Luke Kondor.” So yeah, Luke has a pretty good sense of humor too.

We can’t wait to see what he creates next!

Visit Luke Kondor’s Storytelling Blog-Thing to “learn more about his writing, filmmaking, being happy, and being a person on this planet.”

// Featured photo: Luke Kondor / Medium.