This is the best comedy routine ever, because we said so

Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of it, or it is the hundredth time you’ve watched it, Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First? comedy routine is a side splitting romp through what happens when two reasonable people mis-understand simple words used in conversation.

The routine has been replicated by many celebrities over the years. In fact, a collection of modern comedic icons have presented variations and recreations of the routine over the years.

The one where Chris & Jack tried to make “Who’s on First?”

Chris W. Smith and Jack Desena (aka Chris & Jack) have been making “high-quailty, and high-concept silliness” for years. Chris was a member of Blue Man Group and Jack played Sokka in “Avatar the Last Air Bender.”

That time Johnny Carson did “Who’s on First’ as Ronald Reagan

The original kind of late night television did a perfect recreation of Abbott and Costello’s routine but using scenarios and phrases popular in the 1980s.

That time Seinfeld, Crystal, and Fallon went to the old ball game

While the presentation is not nearly as polished as that of Abbott and Costello, this version that features Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, Jimmy Fallon quickly gets into some of the best parts of “Who’s on First?” and is still very funny.


The version with Dustin Hoffman as Ray in “Rain Man”

When the fans asked Nintendo to make a third “Mario Baseball” game

The times our favorite cartoons saluted “Who’s on First?”

This version comes from “Family Guy” Season 12, Episode 15.

And of course, “The Simpsons”…

When local theatre presented a Shakespearian-inspired version