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Ten amazing fire tricks from YouTube sensation Brusspup

Ten amazing fire tricks from YouTube sensation Brusspup

Chemistry teachers have used demonstrations for years to wow classes and get students excited about exploring science and learning how the world and universe work.

In the spirit of this tradition, YouTube sensation Brusspup has combined his love of science, magic, and cinematography to show us ten amazing tricks that incorporate fire and common household items.

These experiments demonstrate how fire interacts with smoke, air, plastics, flammable liquids, and more. The series includes the following tricks: “traveling flame,” “rising water,” “crayon candle,” “burning ping pong balls,” “candle seesaw,” “fire in a bottle,” “singing pipe,” “black snake,” “fire tornado,” and “steel wool fire.”

Brusspup started creating videos in 2008 and focuses on the exploration of optical illusions and science. He has grown an online audience with more than 1.5 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 250 million times.

For the latest updates from Brusspup you can subscribe to his YouTube channel, follow on Twitter, or visit brusspup.com.

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