Signature moves from two of the world’s most amazing dancers

Photograph of Laurent and Larry Bourgeois aka Les Twins.

Les Twins have been burning up the global stage since their appearance as finalists in 2008 on French television show Incroyable Talent. The duo includes Laurent and Larry Bourgeois who stand 6’4″, are identical twins, models, and masterful choreographers. The pair have been performing since they were 12, yet never received any formal dance training.

Their expert sense of interaction, comedic timing, and flow will catch you by surprise. All while integrating dance moves that mimic slow motion, rewind, fast forward, impossible physics and more.

Need proof? Check out Les Twins’ 2010 and 2013 performances from the World of Dance where they show off many of the signature moves that have made them famous and a global brand for new style hip-hop dancing excellence.

For more from Les Twins, check out their official channel on YouTube or visit

// Feature photo courtesy Shawn Welling / Wikimedia Commons.

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