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Rhode Island children's chorus is real life "School of Rock"

Rhode Island children’s chorus is real life “School of Rock”

Taylor Temple is an elementary music teacher in East Providence, Rhode Island. However, if you were to ask his students, they might just tell you that he is a real life rock legend.

Temple has been helping 4th and 5th graders learn about music history, instrumentation, how to read music notation, and how to rock a vocal performance through a short 45-minute weekly class. Then each year, along with the help of colleague Nicholas Hurd and a cadre of volunteers, Temple and his students put on a huge 150+ member rock chorus show.

The EP Kids Rock Chorus annual concert was started in 2010 and features the talents of children from the East Providence School District including Hennessey, Kent Heights, Orlo Avenue, and Whiteknact. The budding virtuosos sing everything from classic songs by the Elton John and the Grateful Dead to modern hits by Pharrell Williams and Imagine Dragons. Their vocal performance is complemented by professional lighting and, of course, the cheers of those in attendance. The show has become so popular that new venues with larger seating capacities have had to be booked.

We’ve include a few of our favorite performances below. To hear more and get the latest updates you can follow the EP Kids Rock Chorus on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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