Reggie Watts proves the human voice has no limits

Photo of Reggie Watts outside the PopTech Conference.
Reggie Watts adjusts his sunglasses outside the PopTech Conference in Camden, Maine. Image credit: Kris Krüg for PopTech / Flickr / CC.

Audiences who have enjoyed the musical performances of Reggie Watts would tell you that he is living proof that there is no limit to the soundscapes the human voice can produce.

Watts has been creating improvised musical sets using his voice, a looping machine, and a keyboard since the early 1990s. He says that his love for music began as a young boy when he saw Ray Charles on the television playing piano.

Watts worked hard to develop his musical talents. He played violin as a child for nine years, studied music at the Art Institute of Seattle, and went on to study jazz at Cornish College of the Arts. During the early part of his career, Watts served as lead vocalist for a variety of bands where he sang genres spanning from hip-hop to soul, rock, and more.

In the early 2000s, Watts began to incorporate comedy as an aspect of his performance and partnered with pioneers of viral video like CollegeHumor. He also served as a voice actor for bit characters in hit shows like “The Venture Bros.” Watts then went on to spend four years working on the IFC show “Comedy Bang! Bang!” a hit comedy/variety show created by Scott Aukerman.

All of the time Watts spent honing his craft, mastering multiple genres, and exploring different formats paid off. Today, you’ll find him on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” where Watts delights audiences as the show’s announcer and bandleader.

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