New summer anthem will make you say “amen” and “hell yes”

Chris Janson earned the number one slot on the iTunes country chart in early 2015 with a song Rolling Stone described as a “simple man’s salute to dreaming big.”

Janson’s hit “Buy Me a Boat” resonated with many American’s in its portrayal of the “perfect life” as being one where he had enough money to just buy a boat, a truck to pull it, and a “cooler full of silver bullets.”

Janson has been a talented, hardworking American country music songwriter for years. He has written songs that went on to be featured on the Billboard country singles chart for Tim McGraw, Justin Moore, and other artists.  However, after writing “Buy Me a Boat” Janson said, “I just had to have that one for me. It’s rare that I love one [song] that much.”

Janson and his wife released the track independently to iTunes, demonstrating that years of talent and hard work combined with the a bit of brave entrepreneurialism can still yield great results for independent artists.

In June 2015, Janson released the official music video for “Buy Me a Boat” to YouTube. Nearly everyone we’ve shared it with LOVES it immediately. So, we hope you feel the same way!

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