Masterful gymnasts demonstrate world’s best parkour skills

Male demonstrates parkour jump.
Parkour jump demonstration. Image credit: THOR / Flickr / CC.

Parkour combines intense gymnastic training and clever navigation of urban obstacle courses. The goal is to get from point A to point Z while navigating the most efficient path around everything in between.

The activity, also known as freerunning, was developed in the late 1980s by Raymond and David Belle and their friend Sébastien Foucan. Parkour became very popular over the following decades as larger audiences were introduced to it through movies and advertisements that incorporated it in stunt action sequences.

Parkour reached new breathtaking levels as gymnasts around the world began to upload their clips to YouTube and challenge one another to ever more intense tricks.

Today, the best parkour videos incorporate dynamic sequences of sprints, hand stands, climbs, swings, spins, vaults, and multi-story leaps.

Here are a few of the worlds best parkour artists demonstrating their strength, agility, and breathtakingly bold moves.