Luke Kondor shows the kind of short film can you make in seven days

Photograph of Luke Kondor.
Portrait of Luke Kondor.

Luke Kondor set a unique creative challenge for himself. He set out to create a short film with no money, no ideas, and no camera. Oh, and do it in seven days.

What he produced is a clever narrative-driven scenario. We see one average worker’s descent into an interactive desktop, unexplained events, and an overly helpful virtual assistant. The story unfolds through a lovely montage of kinetic and glitchy motion graphics.

Luke’s “Keith – A Short Film” demonstrates that good storytelling can be accomplished without an abundance of complexity. In addition, it does not require a ton of equipment, locations, assistants, and actors. Nicely done Luke!

Luke proves the best awards are those you give yourself

Luke playfully announced that he has already received an award for this work.


“Keith – A Short Film” is the winner of the “Luke Kondor Award for Being a Film Made by Luke Kondor.”

So yeah, Luke has a pretty good sense of humor too. We can’t wait to see what he creates next!

Where to learn more

Visit Luke Kondor’s website to “learn more about his writing, filmmaking, being happy, and being a person on this planet.”