How this acrobatic dancer spins six hula hoops will amaze you

Lisa Lottie is a talented performance artist who specializes in cabaret, corporate and festival entertainment, and contortion. To develop her unique abilities, Lottie explored every corner of the world. She was born in Amsterdam, began her career with a traditional circus in India, studied with circus and dance institutions in Rio de Janeiro and London, and now is based in the UK and Australia.

Lottie became a YouTube sensation after being featured in multiple videos that showcased her beautifully choreographed hula hoop performances.

One of the most visually stunning and amazing performances from Lottie has her spinning an impressive six hoops at once. Not a feat to be attempted by the faint of heart or hula hoop novice!

This video was created in partnership with SpinFX Entertainment, a company who manufactures custom hula hoops that incorporate LEDs able to spell out light graffiti-like messages and detailed patterns.

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