Five delicious dishes to eat the next time you are in L.A.

Photo of the LAX sign. Photographer: Phil Whitehouse.
The LAX sign. Image credit: Phil Whitehouse / Flickr / CC.

When you are on the road, food is one comfort you shouldn’t scrimp on. Though finding the “best” place to grab some grub can be a challenge.

Our editors are delighted to present a few promising options to consider the next time you are on the west coast and in need of some deeply satisfying nourishment.

Breakfast at The Sycamore Kitchen

When Karen and Quinn Hatfield opened The Sycamore Kitchen, they set out to redefine the urban bakery eating experience. The result of their efforts is a destination loved by the locals. A place where you can get an amazing coffee while noshing on delectable pastries or a hearty breakfast sandwich.

Los Angeles Magazine awarded the Hatfields’ Sycamore Kitchen the title of “Best Bakery” in the 2013, and the acclaim from critics hasn’t stopped there. Daily Candy says, the Sycamore is also one of “LA’s best artisanal coffee shops.”

So, when you are ready for an exceptional breakfast experience in Los Angeles, run over to The Sycamore Kitchen!

A quick healthy snack or light meal at Real Food Daily

Ann Gentry has been serving up mind-blowingly delicious and 100% organic plant-based dishes at Real Food Daily since 1993. Gentry earned acclaim for her “gourmet whole food cuisine” by having the vision to combine vegetarian foods, organic seasonal cooking, and Eastern macrobiotics.

Dishes are served up with a combination of brown rice, beans, daily greens, land and sea vegetables, pressed salad, and a choice of one dressing or sauce, and it’s not just the food that looks phenomenal. Diners enjoy their meals while noting between each tasty bite that “RFD’s décor of blond wood, clean lines, cozy counter space and eclectic art perfectly complements the innovative style of Ann’s gourmet whole food.”

From the food to the dining experience, no detail has been overlooked—even the left overs. While it’s hard to imagine that anyone would have been able to leave an uneaten bite, those who do can take the remainder of their meal to enjoy at a later date in thoughtfully selected, biodegradable to-go containers.

Tasty eats at Kogi BBQ

The “Kogi Beef Truck” (aka Kogi Korean BBQ Truck) travels daily to multiple locations across Los Angeles delivering insanely delicious Korean Mexican tacos to the hungry masses.

Kogi was founded by Mark Manguera, Caroline Shin-Manguera, and Chef Roy Choi in order to “set off a flavor bomb that would shake up the foundations of the industry so that street food would never be looked at the same way again.”

When you need an early lunch or late night snack, check out Kogi’s weekly schedule or follow their Twitter account then head over and order up something that will please both your taste buds and pocketbook.

Photo of fresh Kogi BBQ.

Tasty burgers at The Rockefeller Gastropub & Crafthouse

Sometimes the only cure for your hunger is a delicious, savory burger and hand-cut fries.


Those of you with a similar hankerin’ would be well served by a visit to The Rockefeller located in the South Bay. There you’ll have many burger options to choose from. But, we’re telling you right now that you really should just opt for the “American Prime” burger. It’s a beautiful double-stack with your choice of perfect toppings including cheese, lettuce, pickles, and an amazing aioli.

Something sweet at the Cake Monkey Bakery

Pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind and business partner Lisa J. Olin opened the Cake Monkey Bakery in 2007 to present their own modern, sophisticated twist on mini layer cakes and favorite childhood treats.

Take for example, the “El Rollo.” This snack treat was inspired by the Hostess Ho-Ho. However, the Cake Monkey Bakery takes things to another level with this thin rolled-up chocolate cake concept through the inclusion of Valrhona and TCHO chocolates and Tahitian vanilla.

We doubt you’ll have the strength to limit yourself to just one desert when visiting the bakery. There are just too many good things to eat!

The “Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Cakewich” pairs a classic yellow cake sandwich with a peanut buttercream filling and a housemade marshmallow—plus the treat is coated with bittersweet chocolate.

“Magic Bars” earn their bedazzling name because of their gooey chocolate filling, pecans, coconut, and chocolate crumb crust.

Finally, there is no one who could fault you for trying the classic “Summer Camp Chocolate Chip Cookie.” This treat will leave you feeling that any other chocolate chip cookie is average by comparison. How you ask? Well, just imagine the savory flavor of a cookie that also includes caramelized Rice Krispies and marshmallow. Yeah, so good!

If you need something sweet, definitely check out the Cake Monkey Bakery.

Photo of Cake Monkey Bakery desserts.

Closing thoughts

We had a blast bringing together these “delicious dish” options for you to consider. The hardest part was picking just five. Los Angeles has so much to offer adventurous food lovers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the best places we may have over looked and welcome your recommendations in the comments!