What happens when 10 musicians are asked to improvise a unique take on a new song?

Paul Davids crafted a base groove that was fun and catchy, then invited 10 legendary musicians to improvise on the riff.

Everyone was invited to provide some details on how they approached their take on the riff and explain the gear they used to make their version.

It’s a great way to gain insight into the creative process and techniques used by master guitarists.


The tones used to shape the sound, pacing, and picking techniques can literally transform the feel of the song. The results make our skin tingle!

Follow the artists who participated in this fun guitar experiment

All of the musicians who participated in Paul’s project publish regularly on YouTube, you can follow them via the links included below. We’ve also included jump links to take you to their specific segment in the featured video.

  1. Tim Pierce Guitar – featured at 0:53 in the video
  2. Samurai Guitarist3:15 mark
  3. Rick Beato5:39
  4. Rhett Shull8:12
  5. Pete Thorn10:52
  6. Music is Win13:50
  7. Peter HonorĂ©, aka “Danish Pete” – 16:25
  8. Daniel “TheGigRig” Steinhardt19:11
  9. Ben Levin22:31
  10. Chris Buck25:14
  11. Paul Davids29:01 (Paul proved that every list goes to 11, and helped to close out the series)