Evelyn Hart’s magical, emotinally powerful vocals will inspire you

Evelyn Hart is an exceptional singer, songwriter who hails from Cape Town, South Africa. Hart has teamed up with Brendyn Rossouw (percussion) and Trian Carmichael (synth, piano, guitar) to produce beautiful soundscapes that prove to be magical and inspiring. Hart’s lyrics are thoughtfully crafted and well paired with progressions that create an uplifting feel.

In an interview with 1Africa, Hart said that when it comes to her musical influences, “I love all kinds of music but am particularly drawn to epic movie soundtracks – anything that takes me to other places and times in my mind and helps the imagination go wild. Lately I’ve been getting into a lot more electronic music, which is reflected quite a lot in our new sound.”

In advance of Hart’s debut album, she released an official music video for the track “This Water.” The video was filmed, edited, and directed by the SAMA award winning wizard Rash Ferguson.

We can’t wait to listen to Evelyn Hart’s first album when it is released later in 2015!

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