Brilliant Russian artist creates tiny sculptures from pencil leads

Photo of Salavat Fidai carving Wall-E from a pencil lead.
Salavat Fidai carves Pixar’s Wall-E from a pencil lead.

Salavat Fidai is an amazing Russian artist, illustrator, and photographer who has been growing in recognition and popularity because of the meticulously detailed sculptures he conjures from the tip of a pencil.

Fidai carefully cuts away the lead of a pencil using a basic craft knife to recreate everything from the Eiffel Tower or a Spanish guitar to an adorable and teensy sculpture of Pixar’s Wall-E. He then shoots photographs of his work using a macro lens—providing the world with a close-up view of his outstandingly detailed work.

Salavat’s technique requires substantial time and patience. Budding artists can check out Salavat’s approach and skills via breathtaking time-lapse videos that show how each sculpture is made.

David Pierini interviewed Fidai for Cult of Mac in March 2015 and learned a little more about the artist’s background. Fidai’s parents were art teachers, however he decided to pursue a career in law in his homeland of Russia. When he lost his job in 2014, Fidai turned to art in order to make ends meet. He is able to earn enough to provide for his family by selling his tiny sculptures, photographs and paintings via his Etsy store.

Fidai’s work is truly amazing and his personal story is an inspiration for every creative person pondering if they have what it takes to be successful and earn a living through the world of art.

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