Blind Indian girl sings haunting rendition of Bollywood hit

Photo of Indian school girls sitting outside.
Indian school girls sit outside their school. Image credit: Eric Vernier / Flickr / CC.

Tumpa Kumari is a student at the Brajkishore Blind School in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Kumari has an amazing voice and was recorded singing this haunting rendition of “Sun Raha Hai Na Tu” from the Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2.

The plot of the movie revolves around the relationship of an older pop musician whose career and fame is waning due to problems with alcoholism and a younger rising star who falls in love with him.

“Sun Raha Hai Na Tu” was written and performed in Hindi. Translation of musical verse can often lose meaning. A rough, english interpretation of the lyrics is:

Share your grace with me.
My love, my love.

Show me that you’ll follow through. Promise me, guarantee.
Show me that my prayers will come true.

My heart longs for your shelter.
Tell me that this will be so.

Like the rain, give my dreams fuel to grow.
Share your grace with me.

I long for your gaze.
Can’t you hear me through these tears?

Take me away, that’s all I wish.
That you’ll belong to me.

Share your grace with me.
Please look into my eyes.

Can’t you hear me through these tears?
Don’t you know why I cry.

Time stands still. Do you know why?
You are an answer to my prayers.

Share your grace with me.
Just gaze into my eyes.

I hope you can hear me, and know why I’m crying.
My dearest friend, my love.

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