Amazing time-lapse artist reveals secrets to life-like illustration

Marcello Barenghi is a talented Italian illustrator who creates beautiful time-lapse videos of his hyper realistic 3-D illustrations. Marcello enjoys creating illustrations inspired by life, photos, and caricatures. He works with a combination of pencils, water color, airbrush, and markers.

Marcello grew up in Milan and learned about art from his father who loved to draw, paint, and model with clay. Marcello really got into art while attending elementary school when he started to draw his favorite cartoon characters and superheros including Spider-Man, Steel Jeeg, and Mazinger. He later attended Art School “Boccioni” in Milan where he learned about using different materials, how to draw life portraits, and sculpt with modeling clay.

When computer graphics began to displace traditional art in the early 1990s he stopped drawing and didn’t return for two decades. Marcello says, “I started drawing as a child, but in 1994 I quit. One day I was amused and inspired by a 3D illusion drawing video and I started drawing again after twenty years!”

We are so thrilled that Marcello decided to start illustrating again. His work is amazing and young designers can learn a lot from watching his videos. There is so much detail in his technique and methods for creating realistic shadows and light effects.

To learn more about Marcello, visit You can also stay connected with Marcello via social media. He posts regularly to YouTubeInstagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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