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Adorable little boy leads full orchestra

Adorable little boy leads full orchestra

Given the right talent, training, and opportunity, every child has the potential to be a musical prodigy.

In 2014, one such example was uploaded to Facebook by Fabio Ibrahim El Khoury. In the video we can see three-year old Lyonya Shilovsky wearing a dapper looking bow tie while rocking out on a full drum kit, Ringo Starr style, as the full Novosibrisk Symphony Orchestra accompanies him playing Offenbach’s “Orpheus in the Underworld” (aka “Can-Can”).

The little guy really gets into it, keeping perfect rhythm while nailing multiple complex combinations. Shilovsky even keeps his cool like a pro when one of his drumsticks slips from his hand during the performance.

There is also a classic moment at the end of the performance when he just can’t quite be brought to leave the stage before completing one final drum solo. In the end Shilovsky gracefully accepts a bundle of roses and receives a huge round of applause from the delighted audience.

The clip quickly went viral, gaining more than 170,000 shares on Facebook, and spread across the Internet at the speed of jet pack wearing unicorns. The video was also featured by news sites the Huffington Post and The Telegraph.

Shilovsky evidently is no stranger to performing on stage, having also appeared on the Russian talent show Minuta Slawy. We’ll likely be seeing more of this musical prodigy soon!

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