4-year-old Zack is a master of basketball trick shots

Aaron Weinberger is a proud father because his 4-year-old son Zack has mad skills when it comes to basketball trick shots!

Photo: "Dunkman" Zack recharges in basketball themed pajamas.
Boy wonder “Dunkman” Zack dreams of basketball in his b-ball pajamas. @DunkmanZack / Twitter.

Zack started shooting hoops shortly after learning to walk and is absolutely in love with everything basketball related. He wakes his parents up in the morning by dribbling a ball in the hallway. Then, at the end of the day, Zack calls it a day by suiting up in his basketball-themed pajamas!

Aaron and his wife started documenting these trick shots because Zack’s dream is to meet his hero Cory Cotton (the YouTube trick shot legend Dude Perfect). We hope his hoop dreams come true!

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