$240 Worth of Pudding

Photograph of a partially eaten cup of pudding.
Image credit: Shelia Sund / Flickr / CC.

“$240 Worth of Pudding” is a comedic sketch written by and featuring Thomas Lennon and Michael Ian Black. The sketch was part of Episode 6, Season 1 of the MTV™ comedy show The State®  broadcast in 1994.

The sketch features two characters, Barry and LeVon, who have purchased and prepared US$240 worth of pudding — pudding which sits in an large, unsubtle-pile on stage between the too characters. Barry and LeVon are dressed in leisure suits and are wearing ruffled tuxedo shirts.

The scene unfolds with Barry and LeVon discussing how they came to have US$240 worth of pudding, what they plan to do with the said pudding, after which they proceed to dance and talk dirty to the pudding as Marvin Gaye’s song “Sexual Healing” plays in the background (note, that the version of the sketch later released on DVD and iTunes didn’t include the Marvin Gaye track due to licensing problems).

The scene closes with Barry and Levon rubbing their buttocks on the pile of pudding — getting the seat of their pants entirely covered in pudding.

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Why we love “$240 Worth of Pudding”

There is something just absolutely wonderful about “$240 Worth of Pudding.” The writing of the comedic sketch was very clever — resulting in an extremely short yet very quotable piece of popular culture.

There is also something lovable about the character and personality of both Levon and Barry. They really believe they are suave and cool — yet, the audience is left to make their own conclusion.

For those familiar with the sketch, a few quotes and statements from the script embody a tongue-in-cheek sophistication/sarcasm that can be fun to employ in conversation with friends. In particular, the phrase “aw yeah” never fails to yield a knowing smile and chuckle.

A few of our favorite lines from the sketch include:

  •  “Awwwww yeeeaaahh”
  • “It’s that time. Oh you know its that time.”
  • “Now that is the kind of pudding that only $240 can buy.”
  • “We had the $240. We had to have the pudding.”
  • “Now we could of bought $100 worth of pudding, and that would have been a lot of pudding, but we had to go all the way baby. All the way home. And get $240, worth of pudding, worth of pudding. Aw yeah.”
  • “Barry and Levon, where did you get $240? Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. It ain’t your concern.”
  • “I’ll just be over here, mindin’ my own.”
  • “I just need a moment alone with the puddin’.”
  • “See this here, it says first you cook, then you chill. And that’s what I do every night! First I cook, and then I chill! Aw yeah.”
  • “Excuse me while I kiss the sky.”

Derivative works based on “$240 Worth of Pudding”

On Facebook, 240 Dollars Worth of Pudding has been listed as a “public figure” that members of the Facebook community can “like.” The page has included quotes and links over the years, as well as an analysis of the number of gallons one can purchase for $240.

Chart indicating the gallons of pudding that can be bought for US$240.
From the Facebook “public figure” page: “The kind of pudding ONLY 240 dollars can buy.”

YouTube user midorionna created a cute video featuring sock puppets performing to a recording of the “$240 Worth of Pudding” skit.

The skit also inspired a feedback laden rock/metal/punk cover by Face Worse Than Death. I love the original skit. While we love the energy in this cover, let’s just say we’re reserving judgement on the piece.

About The State

The MTV™ show page for The State® provides an excellent summary of why the show was outstanding when it was still in production:

THE STATE was simply one of the sharpest, funniest and most underrated shows to debut in the 1990’s. Originally created as MTV’s first foray into the sketch comedy genre, “THE STATE” was a comedic gem that rocked Generation X with slapstick, smarts and witty sarcasm. The dynamic cast features 11 exceptional actors that have continued to collaborate on hit projects.

THE STATE launched the careers of the multi-talented cast, many of whom are now considered some of the most formidable comedic performers and writers of their generation. THE STATE starred Michael Ian Black (“Ed,” “STELLA,” “Viva Variety,” Run, Fat Boy, Run), Michael Showalter(“STELLA,” The Baxter, Wet Hot American Summer), David Wain (“STELLA,” Role Models, The Ten, “Wainy Days”), Robert Ben Garant (“RENO 911!,” Viva Variety, Balls of Fury), Kerri Kenney-Silver(“RENO 911!”, “Viva Variety”), Thomas Lennon (“RENO 911!”, I Love You Man, Balls of Fury), Joe Lo Truglio (“RENO911!”, Superbad, I Love You Man), Ken Marino (“Party Down,” The Ten, Diggers),Michael Patrick Jann (RENO 911!: Miami, Let’s Go to Prison) Kevin Allison (The Ten, RENO 911!: Miami), and Todd Holoubek (“You Wrote It, You Watch It”).


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