100 years of fab fashion, fitness, and dance in a few minutes

In our view, there may be nothing more fun than a quick time-lapse or dance sequence to rapidly re-live the iconic trends that have come and gone over the past 100 years.

The team at Mode created just such a series of videos exploring decades of clothing trends. Recent installments have covered men’s swimwear and fashion. Though, our favorite (which kicked off the series) is this one that showcases a rapid roll-up of the best in women’s fashion from the past 100 years—all set to music from Senbei, Olive Musique, and JAM Studio.

We also love this video from Benenden UK that breaks down exercise fads from the 1910s to present—including everything from basic stretches to the hula hoop as well as the epic awesomeness of Jazzercise from the 1970s.

It seems that hot new exercises to keep you trim is just a fad that reinvents itself every few decades!

Our favorite video in this 100-year roll-up genre by far is from Westfield Stratford City. Their “100 Years / Style / East London” combines the best of fashion, music, and dance into one grandly choreographed time-lapse. We dare you to not dance along!

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